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I’m Christopher Alexander!

Software Engineer

Web Developer

Electrical & Computer Engineer

I’m Christopher and I’m a Software engineer!

I’m Christopher and I’m a Backend & Devops engineer!

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Hello there, my name is Christopher Alexander!

I am a Senior at University of Washington majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I will be graduating and get my degree in June 2021!

I am more than open and excited to learn new things even if it is outside my fields and capabilities. In my spare time, I usually fiddle across YouTube videos and google to learn various things such as stocks, financial planning, and market possibility.

I am very passionate about almost everything 😅 so feel free to contact me for more inquiries or just a small talk over a coffee!  

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Work Experiences


Application Developer Internship

Develop a workplace management system to handle various COVID-19 related issues such as routine and on demand cleaning schedule in common and specific spots and contact tracing using React Hooks and Golang. Project heavily works on coordinate / dot drawing and detection to handle every spot in the office floorplan.

Triple One Global

Front End Developer Internship

Developing a cooperation management system to support small to medium business in various undeveloped area outside Jakarta, using Vue.JS and Spring booted Java.

Mitra Adiperkasa

Software Engineering Internship

Works in the application service team to develop a web sales report for Sephora (for internal usage) by utilizing Java Spring boot as its core backend and AngularJS as the front end, adding online payment option and adding MAP Voucher usage option in the MAP E-MALL Application with the help of API Development.

Wenardy Digitech Indonesia

Software Development Consultant Internship

Learn how to utilize laravel, reactJS, and json file to rebuilt a website. Utilizing API Development to get and push various information from other website / application and encrypt the OAuth token using dotEnv package in the website development. Learn how to develop and deploy an end-to-end website by utilizing webpack.

Math Learning Center

Upper-level Math Tutor (part-time)

Provide a drop in tutoring for students in the Shoreline Community College in the Math Learning Center for approximately 9-12 hours a week.

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